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BASF Animal Nutrition

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The science of sustainable feed that succeeds

This is an exciting and challenging time for the feed industry, as the demand for animal protein grows continuously, and the need for more sustainable animal husbandry becomes increasingly urgent.

With long-term experience in supporting farmers and farming and a feed ingredients business built on proven, high-performing and sustainable solutions, BASF Animal Nutrition wants to help you shape the future of the industry. And the way we do this is by focusing more sharply on the science of sustainable feed.

From our pioneering early work in vitamins and enzymes, through to our current broad and trusted portfolio of products and services, BASF Animal Nutrition aims to work closely with you, collaboratively and in partnership. So we can better understand your needs, share knowledge and expertise, provide honest advice and technical support, solve problems, and reliably deliver the right solutions to you, your business and your customers Recognizing that the best way to grow our business is by helping you grow yours.

BASF Animal Nutrition offers high-quality ingredients that support our customers in producing healthy, high-performing, sustainable feed. Our portfolio addresses lifetime performance and animal well-being, including, carotenoids (Lucantin® and Lucarotin®), enzymes (Natuphos® E, Natupulse® TS and Natugrain® TS), glycinates, monoglycerides (BalanGut®), mycotoxin binders (Novasil™ Plus, Novasilect® AF), organic acids (Amasil®, Lupro-Cid®, Lupro-Grain®, Lupro-Mix® NA, Luprosil®) and vitamins (Lutavit® A, Lutavit® B2, Lutavit® B5, Lutavit® E).

The impact of digitization on the animal feed industry globally is immense and an excellent opportunity for cost optimization and sustainability contribution. For this reason, BASF Animal Nutrition is integrating digital solutions more closely into our business. Working with our experts and partners, we offer software services that provide real-time data that can streamline and accelerate feed and livestock management, including,

  • trinamiX – Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution for feed analysis
  • Opteinics – Connecting environmental KPIs into feed formulation software
  • Cloudfarms – Precision farm management system

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