Exhibitor Service Portal
This portal will serve as the new exhibitor manual. Via the Service Portal you will get access to the:

– Webshop, which enables you to make extra orders such as furniture, audio & visual equipment, electricity etc
– Online catalogue system, a free tool to get more exposure towards potential visitors
– Marketing dashboard, to make use of our invitation system for your customers, download your unique registration link and receive in one overview who has registered using your unique link

Go to the service portal now >

Within the portal, you ‘ll be able to add and authorize your colleagues and/or stand contractors. This will help to divide the correct responsibilities for the show preparations in your company.

If you have any questions regarding the access of your account,
please contact the Customer Service at +31 30 2952999 or via email service@jaarbeurs.nl

Stand Construction

In order to get your stand approved, VIV assembled the Stand construction regulations.


Please send your drawings to viv.nccimage@gmail.com.

A comprehensive guide on stand construction regulations and design requirements is now available.

The stand design must be submitted by January 28, 2023.
You may share this document with your stand builder to avoid design mistakes.

VIV has created a list with Recommended stand builders.

Despite these recommendations you are always free to work with other stand builders.

Construction & Dismantling hours

Move in/ construction:
March 05  l 08:00-22:00 hrs
March 06  l 08:00-22:00 hrs
March 07  l 08:00-18:00 hrs

Move out/dismantling:
March 10  18:00-24:00 hrs
March 11  l 08:00-24:00 hrs

Furnishing day for exhibitors with a VIV stand construction package
March 07  10:00-18:00 hrs

Exhibitor and construction badges

Personalized exhibitor badges can be ordered via the Exhibitor Service Portal (free of charge). The exhibitor badges can individually or collectively be picked up at the exhibitor registration counter in the lobby of IMPACT. The exhibitor registration is open on March 6th 12.00 – 17.00, March 7th 09.00 – 17.00 and during show days.  

Construction and dismantling wristbands can be collected at the security counter at the loading bay, located at the back of Challenger hall 2. The counter is opened on March 4 – 7 (08.00 – 18.00). There is no pre-registration system for contractors.

Freight Forwarding

VIV recommends freight forwarders that have a proven track record:

International Freight Forwarders:

GKL Showfreight B.V. – The Netherlands
Contact: Mr. Ger Kluter
Tel.: +31 (0)651190741
E-mail: ger.kluter@gklshowfreight.com

Shipping instructions >
Combined invoice & packing list >
Shipping label > 
Shipping pre-advice order confirmation form >

Onsite Freight Forwarders:

APT Show freight (THAILAND) Limited
Contact: Mr. Hasnai Kongkaew (Aor)
E-mail: hasnai@aptshowfreight.com

Sun Expo Services Co., Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Sirikwan Phuangsanthia (Meaw)
E-mail: meaw@sunexpothai.com

Schenker (Thai) Ltd
Contact: Yaowalak Phuangkumchoo (Nan)
E-mail: yaowalak.phuangkumchoo@dbschenker.com

VNU Exhibitions Europe/VIV does not receive commission nor any other kind of financial kickback for the services you book with our partners. We are not in favour of such actions and support our exhibitors’ quest in obtaining a fair price.

Travel & Stay

For hotel information please go to this page.

Marketing & Promotion

Time to actively promote your participation at VIV Asia! Make sure your clients and potential clients know that you will be part of VIV Asia 2023 and available for business meetings at your booth.

The organizers provide you with promotional tools (ADV pages, online banners, logos,  online portals and other free services) to help you take simple but crucial actions with minimum time and money investment. Ready? 🙂 Let’s go!


Contact our sales team to see all the marketing opportunities offered by VIV Asia.

Download the marketing opportunities guide

Free Promotion Kit: tell the world you’ll be at VIV Asia!

It takes very little efforts to make your participation at VIV Asia 2023 resonate all around Asia and beyond. We will prepared a kit for you to download and use on your channels (website, email signature, social media, and other online and printed media that you might use in your marketing mix). You will choose between different formats, languages (Thai and Chinese kit to be available soon), and sizes what artworks suit best your strategy and your channels.

The VIV Asia promotion kit provides you with READY-TO-USE:

  1. Online banners, static and dynamic, customizable or simply showing the “VISIT AT THE BOOTH” call to action. Place them on your digital media and link them all to your Unique registration link. This will enable you to size the results of your online campaigns and generate leads before and after the show!
  2. Logos of VIV Asia and VIV.
  3. An editable “tag” to customize and place on your advertising pages booked in January, February or March magazine issues, as well as the VIV Asia advertising pages to use on your own publications.

Maximize your exposure at VIV Asia 2023!

COVID Guideline

Travelers to Thailand will no longer need a Thailand Pass or a COVID vaccination certificate. Attendees are welcome to wear a mask, but it’s not mandatory in and out of the exhibition.
Read more >

WARNING: Be aware of scam invoices

A number of exhibitors have reported receiving an invoice to claim money on behalf of VNU Exhibitions/VIV. The invoices use the same lay-out and they are send on behalf of the VIV team. Always contact us if you have any doubt about the invoice your received.

Never pay to a bank account that does not match the below details:

Company name: VNU Exhibitions Europe
Address: Jaarbeursplein
3521 AL Utrecht
P.O. Box: 8500
3503 RM Utrecht
Bank: ABN AMRO Bank
Address: Daalsesingel 51
3511 SW Utrecht
Accountnr: 512 2212 00
IBNA nr: NL80 ABNA 0512 2212 00
BTW nr: NL807501487.B01
Kamer van Koophandel: KvK 30149544

WARNING: Be aware of scam companies

Multiple exhibitors reported that they received emails from FairGuide, ExpoGuide and many other companies claiming that they officially work together with VIV. Via a PDF form they ask for your companies information to include in their online exhibitor list or they mention that they are an official appointed contractor.

Please be aware that these are scam companies and that VIV is not associated with any of them.

The recommended partners by VIV are all listed on this webpage and in the Service Portal.

We strongly advice you to always be carefull with working with partners outsides these lists.

You can always contact us  if you have any doubts.

For more information please also visit: https://www.ufi.org/industry-resources/warning-construct-data/