Pharmacovigilance Courses are a Guide to a Pharmacovigilance Associate

April 10, 2020
The Pharmacovigilance industry is a booming industry because of several measures taken in drug safety. Pharmacovigilance courses prepare the professional for their career in clinical research. Read more about the importance of pharmacovigilance courses. 
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Key Elements in the Construction of Quality Feed Project

April 10, 2020
Read about the six key elements in the construction of a quality feed project written by Kevin Zhou, ZHENG CHANG. Step one is reasonable plant layout planning, step two is detailed and precise process design..
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Acids to maintain good animal health

April 8, 2020
What can we learn from the outbreak of the corona virus? Why do you need to improve animal hygiene? Diseases of animals can lead to loss of turnover, growth reduction, decrease egg production and/or death of the animal. 
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The LANXESS Virkon™ 360º Approach to Biosecurity
Disease Prevention & Control

Clinical, sub-clinical and emergency disease challenges are a sustained constant global threat to livestock, poultry and  aquaculture production.

Producers and farmers need to be able to implement a fully integrated continuous disease prevention and control biosecurity programme to help prevent the introduction of pathogens onto and around their production site / farm.

In order to achieve the best disease control management results they need a proven set of  biosecurity tools that will help to address every aspect and disease transmission vector on their facility / farm.

Each LANXESS Virkon™ disinfectant solution has been scientifically formulated to address specific biosecurity tasks, ensuring robust and powerful efficacy, and application flexibility that global producers and farmers can trust.

The LANXESS Virkon™ 360º approach to biosecurity best practice addresses every aspect of modern livestock, poultry and aquaculture production routine biosecurity and emergency outbreak situations: Surfaces, Equipment, Air, Drinking Water, Transport.

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How to safeguard your business in times of coronavirus?

April 2, 2020
When the virus spreads, people’s health has top priority. However, businesses, especially those of systemic importance, need to carry on as well. Apart from the necessary health and hygiene precautions, there are structural measures you can undertake..
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A clean farm is the basis for success

December 2, 2019
Healthy birds are a prerequisite for being productive animals, whether they produce meat or eggs. That starts with a clean farm clean. A comprehensive biosecurity program will be the foundation for raising healthy flocks.
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Duck processing varies by region

November 28, 2019

During the Duck Meat Quality Conference 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, Arjan Schrauwen, Marel’s duck specialist, gave a keynote speech about the present state of affairs of duck processing.
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#LetsTalkVIVAsia – JBT Internationl MD- Mr Tom Borup

#LetsTalkVIVAsia – Sika, Target Market Manager – Flooring: Mr. Porpol Apicho

#LetsTalkVIVAsia – Ruampat, GM-Mr. Chuchvee Paoboon