Dr.ir. G.B.C. Backus

Director at Connecting Agri and Food

Gé Backus is director of advisory organisation Connecting Agri and Food. With a background in economics, his specialisations are: trend analyses, reducing failure costs in food supply chains; meat buying behaviour of consumers; developing and evaluating ICT applications.

Gé Backus has carried out projects on behalf of government authorities, sector organisations and industry players. He also acquired international experience while working for the European Commission, the World Bank and the FAO.


Smart Barn Realtime Climate Measurement

Real time use of data for monitoring climate parameters in pig farm buildings and to relate them to outside climate parameters is emerging fast. Farms are becoming larger and larger, and more and more farms are working with employees, resulting in the need for pig farm management tools to provide overview and effective control. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables connecting the digital and physical world. Together with ever cheaper sensor technology and RFID tags pig farms become producers of big data. Temperature, relative humidity, CO2, H2S, NH3, and water usage are measured real time. And first cough measure monitors and 3D camera devices estimating the weight of the animal are introduced. Smart barn realtime climate management provides the farmer two important benefits. First, the online availability of real time measurements in combination with the alert functionality  enables the pig farm manager to timely adopt changes in climate management. Second, with the help of user friendly graphs, widgets, and automated linguistic messages the almost endless stream of big data is converted into relevant information that provides insight and overview.