Barry Howard

Vice President at FAMSUN-USA Design & Engineering

Barry Howard has over 35 years of experience in the Pet Food and Animal Feed industries.  He currently works with FAMSUN-USA Design & Engineering as a Vice President where he utilizes his skills to work with FAMSUN Engineering teams and customers to lead the design of Food Safe and efficient Pet food factories based upon customer requirements,  Food Safe principles, and incorporation of LEAN Manufacturing concepts.  His work to date with FAMSUN has primarily been in China.  His previous experience consists of 34 years in working for the top 3 Global Pet food Companies;  the majority of time serving 25 years with Hill’s Pet Nutrition in factory operations and engineering roles.  Hill’s, provides premium pet foods for the globe under the brand names of Science Diet and Prescription Diet.  He has spent the majority of his career at multiple levels of engineering in the management of capital investment programs for factories for new product development, capacity, process design, factory layout, improving operational efficiencies, and in the conversion of factories to Food Safe facilities.  He also has 9 years’ experience with Ralston Purina Company and Royal Canin in operational roles.  Barry received his education at Purdue University and obtained a degree in Mechanical – Agricultural Engineering.


FOOD SAFE Pet Food Factory Design

Over the last few decades, the humanizations of pets have increased the number of canines and felines to reside within the household.  Many pets are fed within the home and food is handled similar to other human foods.  Pet food contaminated with bacteria, and in particular Salmonella, has created an exposure to pet owners and animals thus driving a tighter government regulations.  These regulations, a global emerging trend, drive factories to be FOOD SAFE and drive the need for factories to be designed and operate like human food plants rather than animal feed factories.

Barry will focus his presentation and discussion on the basic elements required in the design of new and existing food safe factories including, trends within the United States, The challenge of “Recontamination”, and Food Safe Factory strategies.  Food Safe Strategies include Factory Zoning for separation and segregation, condensation control, air flow strategies, and an overview of equipment design for cleaning.