Thanks for choosing the “Tell a Friend” option. Please read the terms and conditions below. We wish you and your friends a pleasant stay at VIV Asia!

Terms & Condition “Tell a Friend” campaign:

  • Each friend or colleague invited by you must be a newly registered visitor for the 2019 edition of the show and shall register via his/her personal (working or private) email address and using your E-card invitation link.
  • The show organizers will not consider invited friends that don’t belong to the feed to food / animal husbandry / VIV related industry.
  • This campaign is valid for registrations completed by your invited people within February 26th, 2019 only.
  • You can invite a maximum of 7 people. For more than 7 people, please use the group registration option.
  • The 10 lucky winners of this campaign will be announced at the first day of the show within 3pm. The dinner is offered on the night of 14th March (second day of VIV Asia) in a restaurant of Bangkok, pre-arranged by the organizers.