Innovative poultry house automation? Meet the eggsperts!


10 MARCH 2017 – VIV Asia 2017


# Itsinoursystem

And meet the Fortica® full touch screen poultry house automation system. Premium Dutch technology. Generating more profit, increase animal welfare, reduce energy costs and offer ease of mind. Optimal ventilation control. Flawless feed strategy implementation. Accurate bird weight determination. Remote control of all linked systems by smartphone. Supreme data management. Instant and accurate remote access to temperature, CO2, and ventilation data. Daily insight into feed and water consumption. Flawless recording of water consumption. For every situation, barn, application and climatic condition. The future of poultry house automation is clear and bright…

As a system creator we are dedicated to take care of all of our customers’ needs and demands. That’s why customer service is not one of our departments. It’s our attitude. And that attitude pays off. Not only for us, but above all for poultry farmers all over the world that we serve with innovative computerized systems that regulate, control and monitor all housing processes. Total control. Infinite support. It’s in our system. Shake hands with the future of poultry house automation. And while doing so, you can shake ours too at VIV Asia Bangkok, hall 98, booth 3127. We’re happy to meet you there…

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For further information, please contact Ms Elena Geremia at elena.geremia@vnuexhibitions.com