Heering V-series ensures optimal air distribution


8 MARCH, 2017 – VIV Asia 2017

Heering V-series ensures optimal air distribution during transport of chicks

After a successful launch in Europe, the Dutch company Heering will be introducing its patented V-series system for optimal air distribution during day-old chick transport at VIV Asia 2017 from 15 – 17 March in Bangkok. The system offers an ideal solution for hatcheries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Day-old chick transport is a specialist job. Heering is well known for its high-standard trucks for day- old chick transport, which the company offers on a world-wide scale. Gerrit van der Linde, Senior Poultry Specialist at Heering: “Hatcheries put a lot of effort into producing high chick numbers and quality. Transport is often more difficult to manage, resulting in losses in chick quality, which seriously decreases production results at the farms.”

High capacity ventilation and cooling

During the development of the V-series, Heering focused on improving air distribution in combination with an increased ventilation and cooling capacity to obtain a better performance, especially in a tropical climate. The V-Flow set-up has a low internal air resistance, making 24 Volt ventilation possible with an even air distribution pattern.

“The conditioned air flows into an overpressure chamber where all the chick boxes receive air with a uniform climate condition (temperature, humidity and CO2). The V-series ensures an identical volume and even, low air speed per chick box,” explains Van der Linde. This leads to optimal conditions for the day-old chicks during transport and secure chick quality

Reliability – energy saving

Reliability is hugely important to ensure an optimal climate.  Power for the 24 Volt ventilation is secured in three ways: by the truck’s alternator, by a battery pack and by the diesel generator. The air inlet, recirculation and air outlet are synchronised, to optimise the climate for the chicks and to avoid unnecessary heating or cooling, thereby saving energy. The fully automatic climate control ensures worry-free chick transport.

Modular solutions

“The unit can be mounted to any type of truck chassis,” says Van der Linde. Heering will create a capacity plan according to the customer’s chick box dimensions and requirements. Many options are available, such as Heering Link for track & trace and remote diagnostics, on board disinfection and electrical connection for use at the hatchery or ferry. The unit is also suitable to transport hatching eggs.

The Heering V-series offers you an extension of the hatchery and enables you to secure the full genetic potential of the birds during transport.



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