HatchTech Incubation Technology
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The NEW HatchCare

The only hatcher with feed, fresh water and light has been renewed. Better climate conditions, improved uniformity and a more user friendly process result in even stronger and healthier chicks.

In the HatchCare, chicks have access to feed and water immediately after hatching. This is essential to prevent dehydration and stimulate growth, performance and health. Early feeding also benefits animal welfare, as do the light and the fresh-air environment with 40% more space than traditional hatchers.

The NEW HatchCare sets the bar even higher with the introduction of the reversed fan technology, more fresh air and the new and improved Hi-Interface. The result: ultimate performance and ultimate welfare. An even more accurate temperature control for an even more consistent hatch.

HatchTech want to raise the bar for chick performance and animal welfare. To live up to our promise of superior chick quality and to remain top of class, it is key to keep developing and innovating. The NEW HatchCare still has the unique features that make HatchCare top of class, and raises the bar even higher with the introduction of some of our best technologies so far.