Dopharma International B.V.

Booth: 5042

Sector: Animal Health

Healthy Livestock. Healthy Food. Healthy People.

We are 100% dedicated to livestock and committed to make a significant contribution to the future of livestock farming. Our mission is to use our expertise and knowledge to support the continual development of livestock farming. Our focus is on creating innovative solutions and manufacturing high quality and effective products which are safe for animals, humans and their environment.

Who we are?

Dopharma is a family owned veterinary pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in the Netherlands. Dopharma delivers high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals for livestock since its establishment in 1969. Started as a one-man business and grown into a company with over 300 employees. Dopharma’s products are sold in over 70 countries by 10 local subsidiaries and approximately 60 distribution partners. Dopharma produces antibacterial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory products as well as hormone preparations, corrective preparations and complementary feed.

What we do?

We are a full-service organisation with most disciplines under our own management. For Dopharma these disciplines include Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Logistics, Technical Support and Marketing. Having all these disciplines under one roof allows us to excel. Optimum alignment leads to efficiency. And last but not least, this interconnection of disciplines stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation.

The identity of Dopharma

  • Our vision – Healthy livestock, healthy results
  • Our mission – To use our knowledge to improve animal health
  • Our motto – Working together towards success

Our essence – Healthy livestock