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Sector: Feed / Ingredients & Additives


With more than 50 years of experience in the animal nutrition industry, TEGASA has developed a wide range product portfolio for all animal species. We are a top quality premix and feed additive manufacturer in constant innovation and search of solutions to improve the results and sustainability of the farms and the feed industry.

We care about the farmer’s business and about the animal’s health and welfare status. Therefore, our team is ready to elaborate tailor-made programmes that include specific products and services as well as advice on biosecurity, hygiene & disinfection, management of the farm, etc. for any specific demands or needs.

In TEGASA you will find a reliable, trustworthy and transparent partner to expand your business with the support of our expert team together with the Danish agricultural group behind us: Vilomix and Danish Agro.

Programs and products

    • Starter feeds and Complementary starter feeds
    • Vitamin and/or mineral premixes  (customized products
    • Personnalized nutritionnal advice
    • Formulation adapted to the needs
    • Nutrition techniques per animal type
    • Livestock farm management advice