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Do you know what is the latest technology in drying and cooling shrimp feed? IDAH considers all the requirements and the experience in the field and has developed a new generation of a pelleting system that incorporates the Carousel Dryer and Cooler Combination (TK-series) in one machine (Figure 1).

Figure 1. The third-generation (G3) shrimp feed pelleting system development offers total moisture control and saves drying energy.

IDAH sold the TK-series machine to China and India back in 2021. The two benefits of this system are:

  1. Total moisture control: easy and fast. 

The TK-series can produce feed with ±0.5% moisture variance in both dryer and cooler. This combination solved the high moisture variance problem that usually occurs when applying the conventional box cooler. This TK-series machine lessens the point to control the production flow.

  1. Saving drying energy. 

In a carousel dryer, the counter-flow drying airflow will support efficient heat transfer and give a low exhaust air temperature. The system utilizes the air exhaust from the cooler as makeup air for the dryer. The dust-free makeup air discharged from the cyclone (or jet filter) still contains some amount of heat and can lower energy use (15-30%) and reduce the amount of air emission (30-50%) and decrease odor problems.

Figure 2. The ±0.5% moisture variance in the carousel dryer-cooler lowers the amount of production flow control point in the shrimp feed pelleting production line.

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