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Hangzhou De Mark Industrial
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Hangzhou De Mark Industrial

Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd supplies a broad range of veterinary active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), feed ingredients, supplements and additives worldwide for farming and companion animals.

The medicated and nutritional premix are supplied based on OEM/ODM manufacturing. These premixes processed by innovative technology are proven to achieve improved stability, palatability and efficacy. Here are our technologies and producing capacity:

Solid solution:     500 MT/a
Coated microparticle:     500MT/a
Enteric coating:     500MT/a
Sustained-release microencapsulation: 1000MT/a

All the products in our supply chain are GMP/ISO-certified.

Magicoh Pellet Binder is our strong export product in manufacturing pellet feed, effectively improving its sensory indicators and processing quality. IT HELPS YOU PRODUCE THE PELLET, NOT DUST.

In addition,we introduce a natural solution for green farming.Macleaya Cordata Extract and Schizochytrium powder are particularly recommended. You are welcome to visit our booth for a more detailed face-to-face introduction.

Thank you so much,and I wish you all a pleasant trip to Bangkok.