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Control systems for Poultry & Pigs

Control system for Poultry farms

The Fortica® is an extremely user-friendly and universal poultry automation system that gives you total control over all the house processes. This all-in-one system is suitable for all types of broilers, layers, breeders and pullets. It regulates, controls and monitors all your house processes, such as climate, feed, water, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting. The full touchscreen operation makes this system extremely user friendly and clear. The Fortica® system can also be linked to a remote app and an innovative Farm Management program.

Control system for pig farms

Thomas® is a complete automation system for pig farms. The Thomas® system regulates, controls and monitors the climate, feed, water, lighting and animal weighing in your pig barn. This smart, user-friendly automation system gives you total control over all your barn processes and increases the profitability of your business operations. It also makes your work a whole lot easier!