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BTR 90 – 90% partially coated sodium butyrate

When it comes to supplementing starter chicks, we recommend using uncoated sodium butyrate simply because the coating would burden the underdeveloped digestive system of young chicks. When supplementing grower to finishers, layers, and breeders, we could opt for coated sodium butyrate the coating does not pose negative effects to their productivity.

Switching between coated and uncoated sodium butyrate could be troublesome for producers and some prefer using just one additive throughout the bird’s lifecycle. Thus, producers can choose BTR 90 for all stages of bird production which is able to exert effects of butyric acid starting the proventriculus all through to the hindgut ensuring maximum effects of butyric acid within the gastrointestinal tract.

Our partially coated sodium butyrate, BTR 90 is made with our newest generation sodium butyrate which has a crystalline matrix with interwoven structure. This is a novel technology that enables improved coating ability when forming slow-release products.

Light to odourless. Lower inclusion rate (300g/t for poultry diet and 500g/t for aquafeed).

BTR MCT – Application of short chain and medium chain fatty acid combination against a broad range of pathogens

BTR MCT, from Manuka Biotech, is a combination of modified GML and tributyrin exhibits double antimicrobial efficacy – antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities. Among the selection of additives, Modified GML reduces virus infectivity by disrupting the viral envelope, leading to deconstruction of the virion and an inability to bind to the host cell for entry.


  • Prevent epidermic diseases, or respond to an epidermic emergency
  • Salmonella eradication program for breeding and export farms
  • Restore animal performance
  • Alternative to AGP
  • Acidification of drinking water (BTR MCT-L)

BTR MCT can be used as part of a comprehensive biosecurity program on feed and water pathogen mitigation to safeguard the animal supply and secure producer’s profitability. The product available in the powder form (BTR MCT-S) as well as liquid form (BTR MCT-L).

Lipotech Omega 3 – Omega 3 enriched foods and lactation aid

Lipotech Ω3 with a balance ratio of #DHA, #EPA and #ALA, produced by our patented proprietary Microencapsulation technology, which served to be the novel technique protecting valuable sensitive ingredients e.g. fishoil into against oxidation, volatile losses and interaction with other ingredients.

In addition, it assists the formation of emulsifying fat, which can increase fat exposure to pancreatic lipase, therefore improve the digestibility of fat. This is leading Lipotech Ω3 has a higher bio-accessibility and better enrichment efficiency of the DHA in egg yolk.

Supplement sow with Lipotech Omega 3 improve milk yield and increases milk fat content.

Lipotech BA – A natural endogenous emulsifier complex facilitating the dietary fat & oil utilization

Regular emulsifiers can only improve the emulsification of fat but cannot activate pancreatic lipase and do not participate directly in fatty acid transportation. However, Lipotech BA not only consists of food emulsifiers but also 30% imported bovine sourced bile acids. The combination not only can emulsify fat, but also promote the digestion fat and absorption along with fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestines.

Bile acid supplementation could also help with liver detoxification as bile returning to the liver could help to combine and decompose toxins, such as mycotoxins, endotoxins which do great harm to the liver and intestines. Bile acid was also found to be able to decrease lipogenesis and promotes the compound of very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) in the liver thus preventing fatty liver syndrome and keeping a healthy working liver.This allows for young animals or animals with damaged liver to have a chance at growth and recovery as its burdens are lifted. This liver detoxification is important when animals suffered with mycotoxins, endotoxins which do great harm to the liver and intestines.

Besides that, it is an essential ingredient promotes the growth and survivability of crustaceans. Bile acid supplements in shrimp feed can effectively improve immunity, relieve the pressure and repair the damage of hepatopancreas. The healthier hepatopancreas status will help reducing the incidence of white feces syndrome.