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Engineering Feed Solutions

Orffa is a knowledge and product platform. We engineer solutions. Consequently, the constant monitoring of market needs, novel technical developments and new production sites is of paramount importance to constantly raise our standards and image. Our teams of technical and commercial engineers, as well as our innovation teams, are committed to meeting customer needs. Our sourcing team is also constantly active at the global level to assure an influx of new products and concepts and to find the right partners for our outsourced production.

We focus on innovation and development, on regulatory affairs and quality control, on logistics, sourcing and service, and on marketing and sales. We outsource R&D, warehousing, logistics and production to close partners who are specialists in their domains. Orffa’s experts control, organize and manage. They are in close contact with our partners on a daily basis and assume final responsibility. Intellectual property is safeguarded by exclusive contracts and patents.

Long-term partnerships are the key to our successful implementation of this model. This is Orffa’s way of continuously improving processes without losing the focus on our core competence, which is to engineer feed solutions. It is how we constantly reinvent and challenge ourselves as a market leader and ensure that we keep meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of the feed industry